Chase Ends In Arrest

(ROGERSVILLE) — A long distance high speed chase ends in drug charges and an arrest.

A Rogersville woman is accused of meth trafficking after leading police on a high speed chase from Hawkins County into Grainger County. The pursuit finally ends to Morristown, where Ashlei Shanks was arrested. Hawkins County deputies spotted Shanks going at high speed, west on 11-W, west of Rogersville…they hit the lights…and the chase is on.

At over 100 mph, the pursuit heads into Grainger County…she turns onto 25-E. A passenger jumps out. His ID dropped out of his pocket…the police don’t have him but they know who he is. Shanks ends up getting arrested over in Morristown later, as the chase continued. Shanks faces a list of charges in the Hawkins County lockup.